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I can’t tell what feels worse- the fact that I don’t have you anymore or the fact that you never really meant any of it.





So I accidentally started playing the vocal-only-version of crushcrushcrush in two tabs

oh my god beautiful mistake

Oh my.














If a clock could count down to the moment you meet your soul mate, would you want to know?

     One minute, 37 seconds.
     My legs are shaking. Holy cow, there is no way I can do this. None.
     One minute, 29 secods.
     I glance around at the faces surrounding the room. Of course my Meeting would take place in the gross, overcrowded cafeteria.
     One minute, six seconds.
     Somewhere within these four walls, someone has the exact same countdown on their wrist. They’re going through the exact same pressure as me.
      54 seconds.
     Mom said I should be excited, not nervous. Yet I still find myself wiping my sweaty palms on my dress. I can’t believe she talked me into wearing a dress. I mean, shouldn’t  my Soul Mate meet me as I normally am? All plain jeans, blah shirts, and wild brown curls?
     30 seconds.
     Something deep within me tells me to stand up. I do, drawing the attention of my tablemates. They all know too. They smile encouragingly up at me. I chew my lip nervously.
     25 seconds.
     That same feeling pulls me towards the center of the room. My stomach drops away from me as I take a step in that direction.
     20 seconds.
     I continue in that direction. With each step the tempo of my heart picks up.
     19. Faster.
     18. Quicker.
     17. More rapid.
     16.  It’s racing.
     Oh my god this is it. The moment my life changes forever.
     My eyes search frantically around the cafeteria, searching for someone who looks as nervous as me. For someone who’s heading towards their future with no sense of direction like me.
     10 seconds.
     The feeling directs me slightly to the left. I turn to accomodate.
     5. My heart has given up entirely.
     4. I stop walking.
     3. Just waiting left.
     2. Everything is about to change.
     1. Deep breath.

     0000 d 00 h  00 m  00 s

     Someone bumps my shoulder. I twirl around and my gray eyes meet blue, blue ones.
     “Hello there, love. It appears as though we’re Soul Mates then, eh?”
     As my words fail me, the only thing I can think is “I’m so glad I shaved this morning.”

I’m sitting outside a cafe when it happens, sipping some cheap drink, pretending to enjoy the sunshine. The counter runs to zero, and there is an audible click, the tab deactivates, falls off. The clink of polyurethane to cobblestone floor is echoed a few feet ahead of me. I shake a proffed hand, look up at a disdainful face. 

“This is all I get?”

It’s just a couple more weeks, now. I’ve been watching closely as the numbers tick steadily down. Just a couple more weeks, I keep telling myself. Out of my group of friends, I’m on what they like to call the “fast track,” people whose numbers start much lower than others. 

Two weeks, six days, fifteen hours. The clock keeps ticking. Two weeks, one day, four hours. 

The days are getting so close now I’m pretty sure my uncontrollable excitement is starting to seriously annoy everyone around me. My friends tease me incessantly about who they imagine my soul mate will be. Tall, short, fat, dimples, nail biter, foot tapper.  

At one week, three days, and seven hours, the clock stops. 

Instead of a soul mate I get condolences, a therapist, and a broken clock.

I hurry down the clinic hallway as I slip on my button-down shirt. They just installed it- how could it have been just two minutes?

Two minutes, thirteen seconds to be exact, and I was nowhere near ready! My hair was a mess, and I felt something in my teeth. I had to look good for my soulmate. A perfectionist through and through.

A sign hanging from the ceiling pointed to a restroom to the right. I checked the time again. A minute and thirty-three seconds? Fuck! I picked up the pace and almost slipped on the time floor.

Time was almost up and my heart was racing. Finally, I dashed into the bathroom to fix myself up. The door shut, and as I looked into the mirror, I heard a click.

I checked the time. Zero.

What? This doesn’t make any…

I looked back at the mirror. Then back at the timer. Back at the mirror. Back at the timer.

“Aw, shit.”

Can this please become the new machine of death??? I want a whole book of little stories like this!!

Forgetfulness and loneliness could be such a deadly combination, especially in this case. Or perhaps it was just a lack of noticing how long I really had. The last time I looked down at my wrist was God knows when. Maybe yesterday, maybe last week. Possibly longer. And living in such a busy city should have really made me more aware of when I was going to meet my soulmate.

It was one morning when I was drinking my coffee when I realized already that it was already at 000 days.
00 hours.
00 minutes.
And 00 seconds.

My heart drops. I could have passed my soulmate by in the crowd of people crossing the street. It could have been that woman who gave me directions to the bookstore or maybe the waiter who let me have a free cup of coffee. It could have even been that man who almost mugged me a few nights ago, knowing how strange fate can be.

But I never knew who that one person for me was. I’m going to have to go through my whole life without another chance to meet them again. I wonder how they feel about all this…

Not a half hour after installation, my clock went off. A doctor (very handsome, although clockless) was working on my bedside, assisting my nurse.  Well then, we both must have thought, why not?

Early on, things went smoothly. But when your clock goes off, it usually does. There’s no not-knowing. You’re insured. It’s safe.

He and I were comfortable. 

Very domestic.

And I was bored (to tears).

This man was not what I had envisioned. He was safe, and easy and cut and dry.

He didn’t understand, and though he was happy (content) with me, I wasn’t with him. I left.

Busted clock, I thought. A scam? Maybe it’s just not for me.

But what bothers me most, is that when I think back,

my nurse was clockless too. 

And I’m not sure what that means.

That damn clock had been going for what seemed like forever. Realistically, it was just set to a longer time than all of my other friends. Such was the way things were I suppose. Some had less time, some had more, and honestly, I wasn’t sure which was worse.

With less time, it’s like waiting for a birthday, or Christmas, or some other wonderful special occasion, because when it comes down to it, isn’t that what it is? You never feel ready enough, pretty, handsome, perfect enough for that moment when it comes, and time just moves so fast.

I possessed far more time, and at first it was agonizing. Thirty-seven years, fourteen days, ten minutes exactly. Why did all my friends get to be so happy so soon? Why, by having less time on their clock, did they get so much time with their soul mate?

But… after a while… I just forgot about it.

Sure, I occasionally glanced at it, but for the most part I just worked. I busied my mind to rid myself of that damned clock and all it’s many minutes and hours and days. Eventually I stopped worrying, and eventually I stopped caring. I traveled the world, saw amazing sights, ate amazing foods, and met some of the most amazing, wonderful, beautiful people. 

I wasn’t ready for that to stop. I wasn’t ready for the adventures to go away. When the test results came back, I was devastated. Dying… so slowly… from the inside out. You’d think that with all our advances, we would’ve found a cure by now, but no… no treatments… just enough to stop the pain, and if I didn’t feel that… how could I tell that I was alive?

Less than three months into my assisted care, I noticed my clock ticking down.

Three days… four hours… two minutes exactly…

Could I hang on for that much longer?

The days passed slower than anything in my entire… in my entire life. How final that sounds…

When morning came, I saw the young man and I knew, even without looking at the clock.

I smiled…

He cried.

I remember that day even now, as though it hadn’t been twenty-two years ago. The clocks were the same as they were today; they were never wrong, never needed to be improved. That’s why I was confused in my young age why mine began to malfunction. My buddies down at the pub would make fun of me for it. Most had met Theirs, their clocks were precise right to the second. It never occurred to me why mine seemed to skip ahead days, then back, then forth. Wasn’t Time itself supposed to be punctual?

It was a dark winter morning; wet and cold and miserable. Made even more so when I woke up to see my clock was at full zeros. It didn’t make sense. The last I checked, I still had 943 days. It was a stretch for someone like me in his thirties  but I had waited that long, the clock couldn’t be wrong now. I probed and poked at the small screen, but it was no use. Something was wrong, and I could feel it with every second I continued to look at the darkened screen on my wrist.

Suddenly, realization struck me.
I remember hearing something drop to the ground, and something wet fall down my cheeks.
“But… but I didn’t even get to meet her…”  

I had waited 2,567 days, 14 hours, 38 minutes, and 9 seconds for my soulmate. After that, I forgot all about it, except when I wore a watch. I didn’t remember the countdown from the last time I looked at it. All I remember was thinking ‘Just a few more years, huh?’

I guess not too long after, I wanted it to be a surprise then. I didn’t want to wait and hang on every single day that I was getting closer and closer to this soulmate, this mystery person. It would just happen, right? I waited, and I soon forgot. 

Then one day, the timer just fell off.

There was no glorious encounter, no innocent meetings of eyes, no enormous realization that this was the person that was meant for me and only me.

I wasn’t even outside. I was still in my room. 


I picked up the little plastic strip from the floor. The dark screen glossed against the opaque border. It really had deactivated. 

“Hello?” I called out just in case, but I heard nothing back. I was truly by myself.

Was this thing really right? Was mine a dud? Did this mean that I really had no soulmate?

The realization of it dawned. The weight of it pulled on me but inside my heart there was no loneliness, no longing for this other person that could have been mine. The universe didn’t betray me. It was just a fact.

I would have no one. There was only me.

I had wasted my time with this countdown, and despite it, I couldn’t help but smile.


I never put much stock into these stupid timers. So what? Soulmate, bluh. Knowing my luck I probably would never meet this person. I’ve read enough stories about people’s timers stopping ticking before their due time. Besides, I liked being alone. The only reason I got the stupid timer was that my friend didn’t want to go alone and they insisted on installing one.

I made it a goal to never meet this person. I didn’t, I couldn’t need them. And there was no way in hell they would need, let alone want me.

So that day, I told no one. I scratched at the band lazily on my wrist and smirked bitterly as the time was finding its way to zero.

I had just logged onto tumblr.

I had one ask in my inbox.

“Hello! <3” was all that was there.

I stared at the screen for a long time before typing slowly:

“hi there <3”

I smiled. This might… be doable.

It had been six months since I’d gotten my strip. Counting down the days, hoping and yet at the same time feeling so anxious. What if it went wrong?

When the day came, I was so antsy I couldn’t stand still. Instead of waiting around, I went on a long walk through the hills.

At some point I got angry that this little band of plastic was causing me so much anxiety. I just decided that I wasn’t going to look at the strip. It became a sort of contest, a personal battle, between myself and the strip. I walked through the hills, looking at the trees and the sun and the deserted trail, but never at the strip. Anything but giving in.

It was near sunset when I finally saw a bench ahead of me, and sat down. Just stayed there, looking in silence at the setting sun, moment after moment. And then - in an instant of weakness, I happened to glance down.

…02s… 01s…

“Hello,” I hear a voice say behind me. “Would you mind sharing the bench?”

I turn around to see a cute couple standing there. I look from one face to the other… and back again.

To this day, I still haven’t figured it out.












-knock knock.

—who’s there?


freedom would never knock

freedom rings

And if it takes longer than 30 minutes, your freedom is free.

If you experience freedom lasting four hours or more, contact your physician immediately.

eagle sold separately  

*Some restrictions apply.

batteries not included

limited time offer

side effects may include liberty and justice for all

this entire country is crazy.

Some assembly required.









Other sevens in Harry Potter:

  • 7 years at Hogwarts
  • 7 floors of Hogwarts
  • 7 galleons for a wand
  • 7 positions in quidditch
  • 7 tasks in the Sorceror’s Stone
  • 7 potions in task 6
  • 7 Weasley children
  • Ginny is the 1st Weasley girl in 7 generations.
  • Gryffindor beats Slytherin for the house cup for the first time in 7 years in the Sorceror’s Stone
  • 7 books Gilderoy Lockhart requires for DADA (CoS)
  • 7 muggles see Harry and Ron fly the car (CoS)
  • 7 days of Aunt Marge (PoA)
  • Arthur Weasley wins 700 galleons (PoA).
  • 7 tear drops on Hagrid’s letter to Hermione (PoA).
  • 7 people in the Shrieking Shack (PoA): Harry, Hermione, Ron, Sirius, Lupin, Snape, and Pettigrew.
  • Voldemort killed Frank Bryce who was 77 to make the 7th horcrux.
  • 7 locks on Moody’s trunk (GoF)
  • Dobby has 7 socks (GoF)
  • Unicorns don’t turn pure white until they’re 7 years old. (GoF)
  • Harry was “born as the 7th month dies…” (OotP)
  • 7 memories of Tom Riddle (HBP)
  • Harry and Ron get 7 O.W.L.s each (HBP)
  • 7DADA teachers
  • 7 questions Bellatrix asks Severus in Spinner’s End
  • 7 Harry Potters with 7 Order members
  • 7 races in the wizarding world: Human, Giant, Goblin, Centaur, Elf, Werewolf, Veela
  • There are 142 stairs at Hogwarts which adds to 7 (1+4+2=7)
  • Cleansweep 7
  • Gryffindor Tower is located on the 7th floor
  • Nicholas Flamel and his wife have 7 years age difference
  • 7 hidden passageways out of Hogwarts on the Marauders’ Map
  • Flitwick’s office (where Sirius is locked in PoA) is on the 7th floor
  • 700 ways to commit a foul in Quidditch.
  • The Tri-Wizard Tournament was first established 700 years before it’s appearance in the GoF.
  • Fred and George charge 7 sickles for a canary cream
  • Clause Seven of the Decree states that magic may be used before Muggles in exceptional circumstances
  • The Room of Requirement, used for DA meetings, is on the 7th floor. (OotP)
  • Cormac McLaggen’s mother was married 7 times. (HBP)
  • 7 death eaters at the tower in HBP: Draco, Fenrir, Amycus, Alecto, tall blond, Snape, Gibbon as well as 7 members of the Order and the DA: McGonagall, Tonks, Lupin, Neville, Ginny, Hermione, Ron
  • Lily began going out with James in their 7th year at Hogwarts
  • The prophecy is in row 97 in the Department of Mysteries
  • There are 7 Animagi registered with the Improper Use of Magic Office
  • 7 people locked in the Malfoy’s cellar (DH): Ollivander, Luna, Dean, Harry, Dean, Ron, and Griphook


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JK Rowling is the greatest writer ever

7 is the number for completeness in numerology

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4th of July posts

the time is near


one of the best glee jokes ever made


i dont know what to say


if a charmander running in circles chasing its tail doesnt fit your blog then you are running the wrong kind of blog





They touched the butt.

I never knew that I needed a gif set of PIXAR butt touching, but here it is and I am very happy.



Whachu know bout me

Vine by Wyn Wiley

black dude on the right is rly feeling himself bless




My Chemical Romance videos Master Post.
All of the following videos are from YouTube and if there are any problems with any of the links or if the video has been disabled/is not available in your country, please contact me

Music Videos. 
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Desolation Row 
Na Na Na 
SING it for Japan
Planetary (GO!) 
The Kids From Yesterday *
Live performances of My Chemical Romance on their World Contamination Tour can be found here

Making Of. 
Helena: Part 1 | Part 2 
I’m Not Okay: Part 1 | Part 2
**Due to copyright issues, the third part of this making of is not available. 
The Ghost of You: Part 1 | Part 2  
Welcome to the Black Parade: here 
Teenagers: Part 1 | Part 2 
Famous Last Words: here 

Rage TV 
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TV Performances.
7th Avenue Drop:
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AOL Sessions:
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Yo Gabba Gabba: Every Snow Flake Is Different *

i added like, 3 videos.
* = new. 



This man overheard my friend and I talking about money and….


How best friends fall down

Vine by David Lopez